How to choose the right bong for smoking

One of the most common questions as far as the smoking is concerned is the ideal smoking equipment. There are different types of vaporizers, water pipes, and bongs that are used to smoke pot. Since time immemorial people have been smoking weed for recreation purposes. Human beings have always experimented different plants for various purposes like opium and tobacco. Bong is one of the most popular equipment that smokers use to enjoy their pot. The water pipes and bongs are the top instruments for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco. This article enlightens us on the best tips when choosing the right bong for smoking;



Lung capacity

The duration an individual can hold his breath is critical when choosing the ideal bong. It is essential that you select the equipment that will work best for you. It should also be something that you feel comfortable when smoking. If you are only able to hold your breath for five seconds, it would not be ideal to use a four-foot bong. Your lung capacity is significant because you will need to clear smoke from the equipment with ease.


There are currently many brands of bongs thanks to the increase in demand for the same. Well, do not just buy any brand because you stumbled upon it on the shelves. It is also advisable to go for quality when purchasing the perfect bong. In this case, go for a brand that has been tested and chosen. Avoid the new brands and brands that are much cheaper because their quality might have been compromised. Specific brands of bongs are costlier than the others. Make sure that you also look at their qualities and features before you select an ideal one.

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Different materials are used to make bongs. Glass is one of the most popular and preferred material to make bongs. When choosing the ideal glass for your bong consider its thickness as well. Bongs made of thin glass are usually cheaper than those that are made of thick glass. When looking at the material also look at how the water chamber and the down stem have been joined. The “glass-on-glass” bong is considered to be of the highest quality because the water chamber and the down stem are not joined by rubber. You could also check some smoking shops like the online Headshop for the different choices of materials.


The durability of the smoking equipment is another factor that should be put into consideration. The water pipes and bongs that are made in America are usually of higher quality than those made in China and are, therefore, durable. Since one of the golden rules is spending your cash wisely, it is vital that you buy a durable smoking equipment that will serve you for the desired duration. To ensure that you buy the water pipes and bongs that are durable, avoid the black market which sells them cheaply.


Lastly, the portability of the smoking equipment should also be considered during the purchase. How would you like to use your smoking pot? Would you like to smoke while you are commuting or you would like to smoke it from home? Depending on how you would like to use the smoking pot, portability is a critical factor.



How to select the perfect driving school

Learning how to drive is one of the best experiences that you will ever go through. Whether you want to drive your car or work as a driver in one of the local organizations, your competence on the road depends on the school that you choose. There are many schools that can help to learn how to drive. What is required from you is to know how to choose the right ones. You do not want to go through any driving school and come out without full knowledge of what you should know. Considering that road safety is always dependent on motorists and other road users, you should take some to time to make the right choices. There is how to select the perfect driving school.

Choosing the best driving school

Look for a certified school


Schools that have been certified are likely to offer more quality learning experiences. This is because they have been tested and proven to have the right learning conditions. Before any organization can certify them, these schools have to go through various assessments. Therefore, their certification is something that they will want to guard, and this can be seen in the kinds of services that they offer. Just look at these schools and compare them with those that have no certification, and you will see that there is a big difference. You are likely to get more professional and ethical training from certified driving schools than those that are not even recognized.

Look at the vehicles that they use

When learning how to drive, it is not the same as what you would go in an elementary school. This is a course that is more practical. You will have to learn while during real trucks or cars. Therefore, you should look at the kinds of vehicles that they have at their disposal. You should not choose a school unless you are sure that there will be enough cars for all the students that have enrolled. Usually, some of these schools hire cars from individuals to supplement for any deficit. You also should consider the class that you want to go for. If you want to learn how to drive heavy trucks, you have no business going to a school that only focuses on light vehicles.

Dedicated instructors

How good are the instructors at the driving school? You want to learn from people who have a passion for helping you. They should guide you every step of the way until you master the basics, and eventually become a driver that everyone respects. This may not be possible of the instructors hardly have the time or you. For instance, if they do not show up at the training site on time, or fail to give you all the required reference materials, it is an indicator that you should search for another school.

Knowing how to select the perfect driving school also requires you to look at the drivers that have graduated from there. If they are doing well in their careers, it is a sign of the good training services that the school offers.…


Buying the best music headphones

Everyone likes to listen to some cool music. This is the reason they spend a lot of money on buying the best music systems. They also want to ensure that they have their favorite songs on their playlists. However, there comes a time when you cannot listen to your loud music anymore. Maybe, you are in an area where you have to keep quiet. To reduce the interference with other people’s businesses, you should look for headphones so that you can enjoy the music discretely.

Headphones not only give you the change to listen to whatever you want, but they also allow you to be in control of everything. However, you can only enjoy this if you know how to choose the right headphones from the many that are available in local and online stores. To make it easier for you, here is a guide to buying the best music headphones.

What to look for when purchasing music headphones



Start by looking at how the headphones connect to your music systems. If they are connected using a jack pin, you need to make sure that it is compatible with the music player. This is because even though most players have a universal output mode, there are those that require unique attachments. You also can notice that there are wireless headphones that need no cables. With them, you can either play your music through Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity. In case you find such, make sure that they can cover the rage within which you want to listen to your songs. Maybe, you want to listen from your kitchen, but the player is in your living room.

Sound clarity

Very few things can be as annoying as a headphone that distorts the quality of music. If the player produces good quality, you expect that the headphones will make it even better. However, the unfortunate thing is that not all the products that you are going to find out there can assure you of this. Instead, you will notice that even though some of them are awesome, others are not even close to what you expected. You may find it necessary to try the specific type that you want to buy just to be sure that the quality is alright.

Safety features

jsdabkjvjksabdvkjjksadvjksakjdbvkjbaskjdvbkjasbdkjvbkasjbdkvjbkasjbdvasdYou need headphones that have been fitted with safety features. This is more to do with the health of your ears than anything else. Even if you like loud music, you need to make sure that the devices you are using to not expose your eardrums to damage. The best part is that when you go to the stores, you will find headphones that have been fitted with sound limits. Others will warn you when you are going beyond the recommended volume levels.

To conclude this Guide to buying the best music headphones, you also should know the importance of buying high-quality devices. If you want to enjoy the best performance, you should not go for the poor quality headphones that can be found around. Make sure that they are manufactured by the trusted companies that believe in quality.…