How to choose the right bong for smoking

One of the most common questions as far as the smoking is concerned is the ideal smoking equipment. There are different types of vaporizers, water pipes, and bongs that are used to smoke pot. Since time immemorial people have been smoking weed for recreation purposes. Human beings have always experimented different plants for various purposes like opium and tobacco. Bong is one of the most popular equipment that smokers use to enjoy their pot. The water pipes and bongs are the top instruments for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco. This article enlightens us on the best tips when choosing the right bong for smoking;



Lung capacity

The duration an individual can hold his breath is critical when choosing the ideal bong. It is essential that you select the equipment that will work best for you. It should also be something that you feel comfortable when smoking. If you are only able to hold your breath for five seconds, it would not be ideal to use a four-foot bong. Your lung capacity is significant because you will need to clear smoke from the equipment with ease.


There are currently many brands of bongs thanks to the increase in demand for the same. Well, do not just buy any brand because you stumbled upon it on the shelves. It is also advisable to go for quality when purchasing the perfect bong. In this case, go for a brand that has been tested and chosen. Avoid the new brands and brands that are much cheaper because their quality might have been compromised. Specific brands of bongs are costlier than the others. Make sure that you also look at their qualities and features before you select an ideal one.

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Different materials are used to make bongs. Glass is one of the most popular and preferred material to make bongs. When choosing the ideal glass for your bong consider its thickness as well. Bongs made of thin glass are usually cheaper than those that are made of thick glass. When looking at the material also look at how the water chamber and the down stem have been joined. The “glass-on-glass” bong is considered to be of the highest quality because the water chamber and the down stem are not joined by rubber. You could also check some smoking shops like the online Headshop for the different choices of materials.


The durability of the smoking equipment is another factor that should be put into consideration. The water pipes and bongs that are made in America are usually of higher quality than those made in China and are, therefore, durable. Since one of the golden rules is spending your cash wisely, it is vital that you buy a durable smoking equipment that will serve you for the desired duration. To ensure that you buy the water pipes and bongs that are durable, avoid the black market which sells them cheaply.


Lastly, the portability of the smoking equipment should also be considered during the purchase. How would you like to use your smoking pot? Would you like to smoke while you are commuting or you would like to smoke it from home? Depending on how you would like to use the smoking pot, portability is a critical factor.